jo savino


Etoile (1960)




Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota U.S.A. Joe Savino studies ballet in New York. His first contract is with the Franklin Ballet with which he tours the Unites States.
After a short part in the film “The Bleu Bird” in Holywood he joins the famous Ballet Russe de Montecarlo where he creates the role of Nanki Poo in Gabos's ballet “The Mikado”.
For four years he dances the principal parts and Pas de deux of the repertoire with Rosella Hightower and the most famous ballerinas of the time.
He is then engaged as principal dancer of the American Festival Ballet. Based in Bremen, Germany, he partners Christine Henessy on tour in Asia, Africa and Europe.
Invited by the largest international companies he performs with the Zürich Opera Ballet, the Irish National Ballet, the ballets of Lübeck and Wiesbaden in Germany, that of Milorad Miscovitch in Paris, the Nikich Ballet of Yougoslavia, the Ballet International of Paris and the Ballet de France Janine Charrat, with which he tours Europe, America and Africa.
He appears in films in Germany, Paris, London and Madrid.
From 1964 to 1969 he is engaged as danseur-étoile of the Ballet de Wallonie in Belgium where he has Vera Kirova, Marjorie Tallchief and Marie-Louise Pruvot as partners.
Contracts with the Ballet of Zagreb in Yougoslavia and the Pact Ballet of South Africa follow.
In 1971 he returns to the United States to found the Academy of Classic Ballet, official school for the Saint Paul City Ballet.
Four years later he is invited by the Ballet Classqiue de Paris to perform, on tour in Germany and Austria, the parts of the Prince in the Nut-Cracker and that of Hoffmann in the Tales of Hoffmann.
He is the first american artist to receive a special invitation by the Paris Opéra to pay tribute to Maurice Chevalier in 1976.
In 1977 he performs in the Fire Bird with the Ballet of the Opera in Rome and choreographs Coppelia for the Oakland Ballet back in the United States.
As member of the Professional Association of Teachers of Dance he imparts classes and lectures to professional dancers and he works as professor of the Minnesota University Ballet.
He settles in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1990 to work with Ana Jurado.
Since 2003 he is ballet master, regisseur and mentor of the Lux Boreal Dance Company based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.
As talented choreographer his style extend from classic to modern and contemporary, bringing to the stage pieces such as Pas de Deux Romantique, Concerto of Aranjuéz, Bachianas, Pastiche, Sanctus, Romeo and Juliet, Net White and Dances, Spanish Whim, Carmen, Fire Bird, and Brilliant Waltz.

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